[meta-sig] Poll: how to coordinate XML efforts

Robin Friedrich friedrich@pythonpros.com
Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:51:27 -0600

Paul Prescod wrote:

> (BTW, with so much XML/SGML activity
> projected for the next few months, I think we really should have a
> mailing list or SIG for now, I'll keep doc-sig in the loop as I was
> instructed the last time we discuss this stuff)

There is apparently a healthy interest in a concentrated effort to make
Python's XML support strong and compelling. PSA SIG creation criteria would
be met if there were a champion and a short write-up as to the goals and
some closure criterion (terminus). The new mailman system would support it
easily.  Since there are several SIGs already we have some options. This is
a proceedural issue only; I don't see any technical problems with any

1)  Exhume the web-sig for the XML discussions as it is a W3C technology.
(People interested only in SGML may object.)

2)  Use the string-sig. (even though I would argue it's better used for the
unicode discussions, and the like)

3)  Use the doc-sig.  (since we are talking about documentation technology,
n.b. it was created to discuss Python documentation efforts and tools for
documenting python programs.)

4)  Create the XML-sig tightly focused on the XML/Python issues.

5)  Create an SGML oriented sig which includes the XML effort.

6)  None of the above. use comp.lang.python

[not that this is a democracy ---- this is a poll not a vote]