[meta-sig] Revised XML-SIG mission statement

Greg Stein (Exchange) gstein@exchange.microsoft.com
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Calling out JPython, to the implicit exclusion of CPython, seems a bit weird
to me. Revising it to simply say "interfacing with both Java and C-based

Can we say anything about all the stuff that's been going on in the


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I've revised the mission statement a bit, pushing the wrap-up back to
September 1998 at Fred Drake's suggestion.  I've also started putting
together Web pages for the SIG status and for XML resources.  Unless
there are some objections to the mission statement, the list will
probably be started early next week.  

XML-SIG: A Special Interest Group for XML Processing in Python

This list has been created to provide a forum for discussion and
implementation of tools to make Python an excellent choice for XML

XML is the 'Extensible Markup Language', a data format for structured
document interchange.  It seems to have considerable momentum behind
it, and will probably become very important over the next few years.
Consult http://www.w3.org/XML/ for more information.

With appropriate software packages, documentation, and a bit of
publicity, Python could become the premier language for XML
processing.  The goal of this SIG is to decide what software is
required for this purpose, and coordinate its implementation and

Concrete goals of the first mandate will probably include:

	* The glue code required to use existing Java XML parsers from 
JPython, and the appropriate documentation.

	* An XML-HOWTO which provides an overview of Python and XML

	* A Python interface to James Clark's XMLTok parser.

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Wrap-up date: September 1998.  
This date may be extended if the SIG community decides that more work
is required.

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