[meta-sig] ANNOUNCE: Introducing comp.lang.python.announce

Markus Fleck python-announce@python.org
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 23:06:16 +0100 (MET)

To the readers of comp.lang.python resp. the python-list mailing list

* Introducing comp.lang.python.announce

It's finally there - the comp.lang.python.announce newsgroup has been
created on March 12, 1998. The number of affirmative votes for the
creation of this newsgroup definitely was extraordinary (227:15).

* Newsgroup moderation

The newsgroup will be moderated by
  - Vladimir Ulogov <gandalf@lgcit.com> and
  - Markus Fleck <fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de>.

We haven't yet established any formal guidelines for submissions to
comp.lang.python.announce. What we know now is that there will be periodic
postings of FAQ and WWW pointers and that an archive of all articles posted
to comp.lang.python.announce (or short: c.l.py.a) will be made available.
Eventually we would also like to provide something like Perl's periodic
CPAN module list postings, based on past c.l.py.a submissions.

* comp.lang.python.announce charter

Comp.lang.python.announce is a moderated, low-volume newsgroup for
announcements regarding the Python programming language, including:

  - new releases of the core distribution and contributed software
  - events (user group meetings, conferences, training, etc.)
  - periodic postings (FAQs)
  - other items of general interest to the Python community

This is not a discussion group.  Posts are expected to have
Followup-To: headers set to "poster" or an appropriate newsgroup;
posts that omit this header will have a Followup-To: comp.lang.python
inserted by the moderator.

* Preliminary guidelines for submissions (to be refined over time)

(1) Please make sure that any announcements for new software
    give at least the following information:

    - Name of package
    - Version number
    - Author(s)
    - Purpose of package (Why would I need this software?)
    - History log of most recent changes (if applicable)
    - FTP/HTTP address of where the distribution can be
      downloaded, or pointer to a WWW page with further
      information on the package (in short, a URL)
    - Licensing terms of package

(2) Commercial announcements (including offers for Python training) are
    generally acceptable, but (as mentioned in the c.l.py.a charter) should
    be relevant to a significant portion of the group's readers to finally
    be accepted for posting. The moderators reserve the right to reject
    individual postings. (You can still post to comp.lang.python if your
    posting doesn't satisfy submission criteria for c.l.py.a)

(3) All submissions must be sent to the following address:


* Mailing list gateway

If you wish to receive comp.lang.python.announce postings via e-mail
(perhaps because you do not have access to usenet news), you can subscribe
to a receive-only mailing list called "python-announce-list" by sending
an e-mail to


that contains the word "subscribe" in the mail body. To unsubscribe,
send a mail to the above address that contains the text "unsubscribe"
in its body.

(Many thanks to Sjoerd Mullender at CWI for setting up the mailing list!!!)

* Finally

I wish you (or us :) many interesting Python-related
announcements for the time to come,

Markus Fleck.

   Markus B Fleck - University of Bonn - CS Dept IV - UNIX administration
 Please send submissions for c.l.py.announce to python.announce@python.org