[meta-sig] GUI SIG? Tkinter in JPython?

Erik Demaine eddemain@daisy.uwaterloo.ca
Fri, 31 Dec 1999 20:50:48 -0500 (EST)

Is there any interest in starting a GUI SIG?
Anyway, I wanted to say the following to such a SIG, so I'll put it here
until it has a more appropriate location:

Is there any interest in porting Tkinter to Java/JPython?  I've been fooling
around with making a *very* primitive version of the _tkinter module in
JPython.  Very primitive means that the following code works (but doesn't
quite look the same as CPython because of an inappropriate "packer"):

    import Tkinter
    b = Tkinter.Button (text = "Hello!")
    b.pack ()
    Tkinter.mainloop ()

Let me say this with a straight face: "Tk and Java aren't all that different,
so it can't be that hard."  Well, at least for a lot of features it might
not be that hard...  One of the big components would be a packer clone.
I've always wanted to have this in Java anyway.

Has anyone tried to do this before?  I noticed that www.jpython.org says
not to expect this soon, but, well, I want it! :-)  I'd be happy with a limited
version--right now I'm after canvases and labels (for a particular
application), and don't care so much about proper layout and such (i.e.,
I don't need a packer).

Erik (a PhD student in algorithms, data structures, geometry, etc.,
      who knows too many programming languages, and recently became
      particularly fond of Python...)
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