[meta-sig] Starting a Sound sig.

Ken Seehof kens@sightreader.com
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 01:25:54 -0800

Count me in on the Sound-SIG.  I would be willing to contribute code if
I happen to write anything relevant.  Most of my current work involves
a neural network / visual connectionist modelling product destined for
open source.  I can contribute to applying neural networks to sound
processing if there is a market in that area that can be tapped.  Such a
project would certainly make use of a general purpose audio processing
library and standard formats such as WAV and MP3, and other subject
matter that would be covered by a Sound-SIG

Ken Seehof

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From: "Aaron Berg" <shuzt@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 1:10 PM
Subject: [meta-sig] Starting a Sound sig.

> Hello everyone. My name is Aaron Berg. I work with speech
> recognition/synthesis at Minnesota State University, Mankato. For the
> last year I have struggled to find good sound utilities and sound
> handling code for python. I myself may not have the knowledge to create
> these needed modules. I would like to start a SIG that deals exclusivly
> with sound issues in python. I try to read as many posts to the python
> newsgroup as possible. I see people from time to time asking how to play
> sound in python, easy for some platforms but impossible for others. I
> don't really know how much of an interest there is in this subject. My
> personal interests are playing and recording sound under a linux
> platform. Although I have tried many approaches to doing this I have yet
> to find code that is easy to use and reliable.
> So with that I will ask. Do you have an interest in working with or
> learning more about Sound and python? If so reply back. I would love to
> get a SIG going.
> Thank you for you time,
> Aaron C. Berg
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