[meta-sig] CPAN-for-Python

Peter Hansen peter@engcorp.com
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 15:59:56 -0500

Deirdre Saoirse wrote:

> > +1 on recreating the Locator SIG. However, I'd call it the CPyAN SIG because
> > people will immediately understand what it is about. And let's not get
> > caught up in "needing it to be more generic." We're talking about a CPyAN
> > here, and that is a huge problem all by itself.
> +1 on the SIG -1 on the names locator and/or catalog. I'm not as unfond of
> CPyAN, but it's not as pronounceable.
> I'm rather fond of the idea of it being SPAM-SIG (Super(?) Python
> Accessory (?) Modules), but spam carries other negative connotations. On
> the other hand, it is Monty Python related and a word play.

LOL!   +1 on SPAM ("Search, Python, All Modules"? or variations thereof,
for those
who need an acronym to which to anchor their references).

Definitely -1 on CPyAN.  Not everyone (thankfully) had to graduate from
or even
know much about the Perl world to get to Python.  I haven't a clue what
stands for, nor do I like the (lack of) aesthetics with CPyAN, nor its
unpronouncability or ugly mixed-caps (keep "Py" at the front where it
:-).  If it weren't for this thread I wouldn't know it was a catalog of

If I had to guess at what CPAN stood for, and I like to guess at
acronyms, I'd say
it was Catalog Perl Across the Network... don't bother telling me how
close I am:
I can search google.  Regardless, that inspires the following somewhat
self-defining suggestion:


As in "Search Python Across the Net", not to mention the obvious meaning
of the
word itself.  Any takers?  I'll stick with +1 to SPAM until somebody
seconds this
idea.  (Hmm. maybe that should be "Spread Python Across the Net" ?)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.