[meta-sig] SIG Proposal: Network Management

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra@correionet.com.br
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 20:15:42 -0200

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> I understand that there is a need for a tool.  But the real question
> is, are there enough people who want to *work* on *creating* the tool
> to warrant the need for a SIG?  The main cause for SIG failure is not
> lack of posters so much as lack of contributions towards the goal of
> the SIG.  Take for example Rodrigo's reply (just because he's the
> first person to reply :-).  He votes "yes" (I have counted and
> recounted his vote three times manually and it's still a single "yes"

> vote :-) but he doesn't commit to do any of the work.  

Amazing, could you smell my reticence ?  :o)
I voted yes, because I'd like to see people working
on it. Certainly interested in using it, not-so-interested
in working on it now (sorry, got a master thesis to finish).
You got me Guido, touché.

> Without real contributions there's no SIG.

I propose to Ilya to start the development at some place
(if not already!) and ask for contributors at the forums.
After a while the answer to the questions raised here will
be answered naturally.
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