[meta-sig] SIG Proposal: objc-sig, a new breath of life

Jeff Sickel jas@corpus-callosum.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 01:42:10 -0600

With the upcoming release of Apple's Mac OS X and its Darwin =
counterpart, there has been a renewed interest in the old Objective-C =
module for Python.  In addition to the original core of people =
interested the ObjC module, there have been quite a few more people =
participating in discussions and updates to the older 1.5.2 module that =
has been in use for quite some time (though mostly in the private, dark =
corners of the scripting world).

I propose restarting the objc-sig in order to provide a clean archive of =
the history and efforts of those using Python and the Objective-C =
runtime.  And to help facilitate a new project on Source Forge for the =
updates of the current PyObjC module to Python 2.0, including a possible =
re-write of the module to better encapsulate and leverage the =
Objective-C runtime on Mac OS X, GNUStep, and the POC.

Jeff Sickel