[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG redefined

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe@paniq.net
26 Aug 2002 17:14:43 +0300

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In two recent posts [0] on the mod_python mailing list - the second
cross-posted to python-list and marketing-python - I have initiated a
discussion about promoting Python in web application development,
particularly in combination with the Apache HTTP daemon. The discussion
sprung from the fact that there isn't a python.apache.org like there is
perl.apache.org, tcl.apache.org and php.apache.org.

The conclusion of that discussion as I perceive it, is that a site
devoted to Python web application development in general and the
Python-Apache combination in particular, should be created. The project
has already begun its work, but I think the creation of this SIG is
warranted because this effort needs a forum for initial coordination,
and Python SIG status would provide a certain degree of credibility to
the project.

As part of the effort, I propose reviving the Web-SIG (or alternatively
creating a new sig) for the purposes outlined below.

Draft of short and long blurb texts below.


SIG for Web Application Development using Python

Promotion of Python as web application development language.

Mission statement

This SIG has been created to discuss promotion of Python as a web
application development language, to create resources for further
promotion and to establish contacts to related projects.

Coordinator: Fabian Fagerholm


        * A web site presenting the other deliverables of this SIG to
          web application developers potentially using Python.=20
        * A comprehensive list of the currently available tools for
          Python web application development, and a short introduction
          of each.
        * Some initial articles on web application development with
            * a general article discussing web application development
            * a technical article that serves as a simple example
            * a "success story" of a Python web application deployment
              project that went well.
        * A collection of links to related projects.
        * Collaboration with the Apache Software Foundation:
            * possible creation of python.apache.org to point to the web
              site or a subsection of the website
            * possible push of mod_python as the Python alternative to

No order of delivery is assigned to the deliverables. Further
deliverables may be defined at a later date, but are outside the scope
of the SIG mission.


The SIG will conclude after the Deliverables are delivered, or after the
customary conclusion time as defined by the Python Meta-SIG, whichever
is sooner.
Upon SIG retirement, the mission is continued by either extension of the
SIG end date or creation of an independent Python Web App Developers'
Resource, coordinated through the Web Site. In the latter case, the SIG
will create a new forum for the project.


Please consider this draft text and post any comments to this list.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Fabian Fagerholm

[0] http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2002-August/002360.html

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