[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
05 Apr 2003 14:58:02 -0600

Except for Guido, no one has responded to this.  Thoughts?  Opinions? 
Implicit consent?  What can I do to move this forward?

On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 14:45, Ian Bicking wrote:
> After writing the Web Framework Shootout paper for PyCon, it seems clear
> to me there's much of duplication of effort among the various packages
> (the paper is available at http://colorstudy.com/web-framework/ for the
> curious, though it only indirectly addresses the problems).
> Following discussions from PyCon, I would like to bring together some of
> the respective developers of these frameworks and related libraries to
> cooperate on such things as: installation and basic infrastructure,
> sharing and developing web-related modules that are reusable among the
> frameworks, better sharing templating languages and interfaces, and
> advertisement/promotion of Python as a web platform, to name a few
> ideas.
> After creation of the SIG, I would plan to specifically invite by email
> the developers who might be interested in this (mostly developers of the
> web-based tools, rather than applications), as well as making the
> standard set of announcements.
> Mission Statement:
>     The Python Web SIG is to help the developers of Python web 
>     infrastructure to collaborate and cooperate, bridging their 
>     respective communities, promoting and refining Python as a 
>     general-purpose web development language.
> Coordinator: Ian Bicking <ianb@colorstudy.com>
> Conclusion: October 2003 (six months, extending of course if the mailing
>     list continues to be a successful means of communication) 
> Deliverables:
>     Maintenance of the WebProgramming Wiki page, currently a scattered 
>     source of information about Python web programming, but still the 
>     best we have.
>     More code-sharing among similar projects.
>     Ideally, greater code-reuse inside the libraries and frameworks 
>     themselves (for instance, sharing application servers, form 
>     processors, etc).
>     A clear, canonical document/site presenting Python as a web 
>     development platform.
> Scope:
>     This SIG is *not* intended to be a place for end-users of various 
>     web software to discuss their particular problems, but as a place to
>     discuss the advancement of Python web programming as a whole.
>     "Advancement" includes both promotion, as well as technical 
>     advancement.