[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG

Stefan Drees sdrees@ieee.org
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 11:30:34 +0200

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 05:36:11PM -0700 - a wonderful day 
					- Bill Janssen wrote:
> I think it's a much-needed idea.  I've been writing an application on
> top of Medusa, and I'm mildly shocked at the state of Python's Web
> libraries (which, to be fair, were contributed by various people at
> various times -- most of those times being in the past).  No CSS
> parser?  Unbelievable.  No way in the libraries (say, httplib) to pass
> multipart/form-data arguments?  Intriguing.
probably the lib-creation suffers from the quite pythonic-:) 
"we are all programmers syndrom" ( since it's so easy, to do 
this and that with just a few lines of python, no one steps up 
and condenses this stuff in a rock-solid standards lib) 

When I've been hacking at http-wml/html- or https-hbci-testing tools 
the tasks to use the http, http/ssl or hbci protocol were main tasks, 
so the clients were willing to pay for this extra work, but this 
will sure change in the age of web-services ... whatever this 
means ...

> I think one of the deliverables should be a roadmap for updating the
> standard libraries related to the Web to bring them in line with
> modern Web practice, and a plan for a mechanism to keep them
> up-to-date.
Hopefully a task one can handle in a standard way.  

+1 on both deliverables (roadmap and sync-plan)

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