[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG

hancock-anansispaceworks@imeme.net hancock-anansispaceworks@imeme.net
Tue, 8 Apr 2003 17:00:57 -0000 (GMT)

>> Except for Guido, no one has responded to this.  Thoughts?  Opinions?
>> Implicit consent?  What can I do to move this forward?
> I suggest that you mention this idea on c.l.py, gather support there
> (INCLUDING PEOPLE WILLING TO DO THE WORK!), draft a mission statement,
> and then come back.  If you can do all that, I expect you won't have any
> trouble getting the sig created.

I think there are a lot of interesting problems in web
development -- my particular needs for collaboration
are on the client side. I have been involved in discussions
of a Python Applet plugin for popular browsers on the
main python list and the pygame list, and have considered
starting a SIG for that project. Would that be on-topic
for the proposed web-sig or would it only apply to the
server side?

I'm presently about an 85% satisfied user of Zope. I'm
probably more interested in seeing Zope improve rather
than switching (Zope 3 sounds like it might be very
good, but I haven't really explored it).

Almost all of my current programming activity is web

Anyway, if you make it, I will come. ;-)

Terry Hancock ( hancock@anansispaceworks.com )