[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
08 Apr 2003 18:59:17 -0500

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 18:57, Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> You'll need to send an announcement to comp.lang.python or to
> c.l.p.announce.  I don't see any other way to reach people other then
> sending them email directly.  So send an announcement and tell people to
> contact you if they're interested in helping with a SIG.

Yes, I suppose I could do that.  But then people would just email me,
and I'd have to somehow collect and relay responses... that's what
mailing lists are for.  So I'd just have to find a list elsewhere, when
all I'm trying to do is get a list and a little web page... I was just
hoping getting the mailing list would be the easy part.  I should've
just asked for an SF project, that'd be long done by now...

> > ========
> Perhaps Zope should be on "the list."  Also Zope Page Templates seem to
> fit the bill for templating.

It's in there too, about half-way down.  None of that alphabetizing for