[meta-sig] Proposal: Web-SIG

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
30 Mar 2003 14:45:54 -0600

After writing the Web Framework Shootout paper for PyCon, it seems clear
to me there's much of duplication of effort among the various packages
(the paper is available at http://colorstudy.com/web-framework/ for the
curious, though it only indirectly addresses the problems).

Following discussions from PyCon, I would like to bring together some of
the respective developers of these frameworks and related libraries to
cooperate on such things as: installation and basic infrastructure,
sharing and developing web-related modules that are reusable among the
frameworks, better sharing templating languages and interfaces, and
advertisement/promotion of Python as a web platform, to name a few

After creation of the SIG, I would plan to specifically invite by email
the developers who might be interested in this (mostly developers of the
web-based tools, rather than applications), as well as making the
standard set of announcements.

Mission Statement:
    The Python Web SIG is to help the developers of Python web 
    infrastructure to collaborate and cooperate, bridging their 
    respective communities, promoting and refining Python as a 
    general-purpose web development language.

Coordinator: Ian Bicking <ianb@colorstudy.com>

Conclusion: October 2003 (six months, extending of course if the mailing
    list continues to be a successful means of communication) 

    Maintenance of the WebProgramming Wiki page, currently a scattered 
    source of information about Python web programming, but still the 
    best we have.

    More code-sharing among similar projects.

    Ideally, greater code-reuse inside the libraries and frameworks 
    themselves (for instance, sharing application servers, form 
    processors, etc).

    A clear, canonical document/site presenting Python as a web 
    development platform.

    This SIG is *not* intended to be a place for end-users of various 
    web software to discuss their particular problems, but as a place to
    discuss the advancement of Python web programming as a whole.

    "Advancement" includes both promotion, as well as technical 

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