[meta-sig] Re: Another try at a Python Web SIG?

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Thu Oct 16 18:51:56 EDT 2003

Holger Krekel writes:
> do you want to come up with API definitions without actually
> implementing the stuff?  Or what exactly do you mean with "a plan"? 
> Maybe I am too careful here but i don't know what happens if we
> discuss "a plan" for six month :-)

I'd like to come up with a work plan, with names and
timelines/milestones assigned to it.  If we could do that, we could
then extend the charter to get the work done.  My feeling is that if
we can't come to some agreement on what work to do, there's no point
in having a SIG -- individual contributors might as well mail patches
and modules to python-dev.

On the other hand, I'd expect most of the contributors would be either
already sitting on most of the code they would need, to accomplish
what they had signed up for, or have a very clear idea of what they
were going to do to achieve it.  Arguments about "let's do this" are
much more convincing (to me) if they also contain "See, here's how I
did it, isn't it pretty?" :-).


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