[meta-sig] Another try at a Python Web SIG?

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Thu Sep 11 14:53:48 EDT 2003

I know this was just discussed a few months ago, but I'm very
interested in getting a Web SIG together or reinvigorated or whatever
it takes.  The current Web support in Python is somewhat embarassingly
patchy, given the neatness of the rest of the system.

My specific thinking is about three things:

1)  Add SSL server-side support to the "socket" module.  This will
    include some way of managing certificates.  Probably modelled
    strongly after the way we did it in ILU, if I do it :-).

2)  Update the "httplib" module to include all of the client-side
    functionality available in the Linux "curl" program (a reasonable
    checklist, I think, but am open to better suggestions).

3)  Replace/extend the BaseHTTPServer and SimpleHTTPServer modules with
    an extended webserver module which provides at least the
    functionality in Medusa.

I'd be happy to work in #1 (starting with a PEP, I think) and provide
help with #2 and #3, if others would like to pitch in.  I don't want
to collide with others who are working on this already, and think a
SIG would be a good way to coordinate efforts.


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