[meta-sig] Request for SIG Creation

Greg Copeland GCopeland at efjohnson.com
Thu Oct 28 19:55:10 CEST 2004

I would like to create a SIG for porting and supporting Python on
VxWorks.  On python.org, there are references that such a port exists,
however, it is, by far, inaccurate as it is incomplete and out of date
(python 1.5 days).  According to the SIG guidelines, I'm submitting a
formal request to create a SIG.


Mission: To port and maintain a recent *stable* release of Python
(2.3.4) to VxWorks for eventual inclusion.


Expiration:  I'm not sure here.  If it does get accepted into the
standard distribution, then a 6-month expiration is fine.  If it will
never be accepted as part of the standard, then it should remain


Informal Blurb: Python on VxWorks


Formal Blub:  My intention is to port and maintain Python 2.3.4 to
VxWorks for eventual inclusion back to the source tree.  While my target
processor is XScale, I intend for the effort to be processor agnostic.
I periodically see people making this request and accordingly, see the
need for VxPython SIG.



Best Regards,


Greg Copeland



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