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Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Jul 12 17:18:55 CEST 2011

As I mentioned, my main dev machine is down for the count, but I can look at
things once I get that working again.

On Jul 06, 2011, at 05:15 AM, Dushyant Bansal wrote:

>1. Performance: We need to look at the performance of the new archiver in
>order to improve it as well as to compare this approach of generating pages
>on the fly with the static one. Is there any specific way to go about it?
>After that, performance gain can be achieved by proper use of caching which
>is offered by pylons and storm/sqlite.

I guess there are a couple of sides to this.  How well does it perform for
single-message updates?  How does it perform for full-archive regeneration?
What is the cold render time for a single page, and how does that break down
among the various components (e.g. db query, message retrieval, message
rendering)?  What about warm access in the absence of a cache?

>2. Interaction with mailman: Right now, the interaction with mailman
>(archiver part) is through a sqlite database file. So, we just need to update
>the relevant database files on archiving a message through mailman.
> If we want to further separate out the archiver from mailman, we can use the
> methods used by mhonarc and mailarchive interfaces.

I still think I want to separate the archiver from the core engine.  It
doesn't have to be done now, but it's worth thinking about.

>3. Search: I also plan to integrate search functionality(work done by Priya)
>for archives into this pylons project.


To all students: are you writing unit tests and documentation for your

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