[mmgsoc] Pipermail Archive-UI

Dushyant Bansal cs5070214 at cse.iitd.ac.in
Thu Jun 9 16:49:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,
I would like to discuss some strategies that I have adopted for 
archiving a message using Pipermail in order to minimize the work involved.

1. Generation of conversation page:

    * Similar to {date, subject, article, author, thread}, keep a new
      dumbBTree of conversations which stores the mapping:
      conversation-id *-->* list of msgids present in that conversation.
    * when a new message is archived, conversation file corresponding to
      its conversation-id is built from the "list of msgids".

[Example of conversation page: 

2. Generation of conversations list pages:
     Suppose at one point, we have 100 pages containing conversations 
lists. When a new message arrives for archiving, we can just update one 
or two pages by inserting new entry corresponding to this conversation 
and removing old entry(only if it is present in those one or two pages). 
This will eventually leave static files of conversation lists in an 
inconsistent state. So, we have to rebuild more or all pages of 
conversations list as a cron job.

[An example of conversation list: 

Please provide your feedback and suggestions.
I have finalized and implemented these strategies just to get a better 
idea of how to do things. So, please don't hesitate to offer completely 
new ideas.


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