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Andrew Rodman dcrodman at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 02:51:02 CEST 2011

Hey Dushyant, I'm not always on IRC so I figured I'd reply so you have my
email if you want to reach me. As Barry mentioned, I've planned to retire
dumbBTree in favor of a Storm ORM object with all of the Article types
mapped to various properties (with the same naming scheme) since we won't be
using pickles anymore. Mapping a list of message-ids to build conversations
seems like a good idea to me and could easily be added to the ORM class I've
written to represent Articles. Let me know if you'd like to discuss anything
further, even if it is as simple as adding an additional list property.

- Drew

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 6:25 PM, Terri Oda <terri at zone12.com> wrote:

> Barry Warsaw wrote:
>> 2. Generation of conversations list pages:
>>>    Suppose at one point, we have 100 pages containing conversations
>>>    lists. When a new message arrives for archiving, we can just update
>>> one
>>>    or two pages by inserting new entry corresponding to this conversation
>>>    and removing old entry(only if it is present in those one or two
>>>    pages). This will eventually leave static files of conversation lists
>>> in
>>>    an inconsistent state. So, we have to rebuild more or all pages of
>>>    conversations list as a cron job.
>> I think we should explore again the performance of generating these pages
>> on
>> the fly.  As I mentioned to Andrew, if doing so would cause problems
>> meeting
>> the schedule, it shouldn't be the highest priority, but if you and he can
>> somehow share the load, then I think it's worth exploring.  You'll have to
>> figure out whether dynamic generation of the pages will be acceptable
>> performance wise, and you'll need some way to cache the results, but if it
>> works out, I think it could be quite powerful.
> As Barry says... basically do what allows you to meet your schedule.
> I'm wondering if it might not be easier to do this particular task
> dynamically, though: then you could just query the database and get the most
> up-to-date listing.  Would it be easier to write the code for that and then
> for the static code, use that same script to regenerate the conversation
> when a new message comes in?
> Incidentally, how do you propose to do conversations in Mailman 3? Systers
> is using a modified codebase where conversations are separated using
> +conversation stuff stuck into the email address used for posting.  (So for
> example, I might post a job interview to systers+jobs at ... if I were
> posting a job to the mailing list).  You won't have that logic, so will you
> be using References:/In-Reply-To: combined with the subject line to
> approximate that?  It's considered a bit of a technical problem in general,
> but probably any approximation we use will be "good enough" to start.  I
> can't remember if we've talked about that before...
>  Terri
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