[mmgsoc] Pipermail Archive-UI

Dushyant Bansal cs5070214 at cse.iitd.ac.in
Sat Jun 11 21:56:57 CEST 2011

On Saturday 11 June 2011 01:40 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I think we should explore again the performance of generating these pages on
> the fly.  As I mentioned to Andrew, if doing so would cause problems meeting
> the schedule, it shouldn't be the highest priority, but if you and he can
> somehow share the load, then I think it's worth exploring.  You'll have to
> figure out whether dynamic generation of the pages will be acceptable
> performance wise, and you'll need some way to cache the results, but if it
> works out, I think it could be quite powerful.
Yes, we should definitely give it a try.
As a first step, I explored the options for the setup. It seems that out 
of two options CGI and mod_wsgi, mod_wsgi is preferred due to efficiency 
and some other reasons.
Also, I think that,  for our work, we don't need to use any framework.
What do you say?


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