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Wes Turner wes.turner at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 02:18:47 CET 2015

On Jan 29, 2015 6:02 PM, "Russell Keith-Magee" <russell at keith-magee.com>
> Hi Wes,
> A buildbot is possible, but complicated.
> An Android buildbot could be hosted on any "unix like" system - you can
get the Android development kits for Linux and OS/X. However, that wouldn't
allow you to run the test suite for the mobile platform - because the
binary you build would need to run on the mobile platform itself. Android
does provide an emulator that would allow "on server" testing, but I don't
know how well it can be driven by remote control. My experience using it as
a developer has been "don't", because it's so painfully slow to start and
> On iOS, there are other limitations. The host compiler *must* be iOS,
because XCode isn't available for any other platform (AFAIK). Assuming that
can be accommodated, iOS provides a *simulator*, not an emulator - and the
simulator uses x86, not ARM. So, we'd need to run the test suite on the x86
simulator *and* a native device to be truly sure it works.
> So - I don't know how this would fit into the existing Python build farm
infrastructure, but we'd need to add a minimum of 1 device (an iOS device)
to the build farm - ideally, 2 (an Android and an iOS device) - and
possibly a couple more if we want to cover testing on different OS
> This is, of course, is somewhat premature - we need to get the build
working first :-)

Understood, thanks!

So, there appears to be an opportunity to donate some resources to this
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