[Moin-user] expanding macros in templates

Jeff Kunce jeff at corrt.com
Fri Nov 16 14:00:02 EST 2001

>>Is this already available? If not, does anyone else think it would be
>>useful? Any ideas on the markup to use?
>CVS. Yes. #DATE#, #TIME#, #SIG#. 

How should this work? Here's what I tried:

I got the current CVS: Release 0.11 [Revision 1.136]

I made a template page that contains this:
   aaa [[BR]] bbb #BR# ccc
I created a new page with the template, and the editor contains:
   aaa [[BR]] bbb #BR# ccc
What I wanted was an expansion of #BR#, so the editor would contain:
   aaa [[BR]] bbb

Can you clarify? Thanks.


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