[Moin-user] type errors

Daniel M. Drucker dmd at 3e.org
Wed Nov 28 08:47:01 EST 2001

Yeah, um... I upgraded to the latest CVS instead of 0.10. That made it work.

Email notification still gives all sorts of weird string.join errors, but I
don't need that feature.

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From: "Jeff Kunce" <jeff at corrt.com>
To: "Daniel M. Drucker" <dmd at 3e.org>
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: [Moin-user] type errors

> >I'm running 0.10, and everything seems to work except for
> >[[RecentChanges]]. When I try to use that, I get a TypeError.
> >
> >You can see the error if you go here:
> >http://3e.org/notes/moin.cgi/problem
> works OK when I go there :-)
>   --Jeff

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