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Charles Medcoff cmedcoff at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 28 13:35:02 EST 2001

I just getting started with MoinMoin so please pardon my ignorance. 

I'm confused.  The 0.10 release is newer than the 0.90 release?  I though that 9/10 was greater than 1/10.

Also I've read the "HelpOnUpdating" page but it still isn't clear to me the best procedure.  Could someone spell it out for me.  It probably goes something like.

1.  Unzip the zip file to your Python installation folder.
2.  Rename the exising moinmoing folder to something like (moinmon.old)
3.  Rename the new relelase (moinmoin-0.10) to moinmoin.
4.  Copy all of the data files from the old data directory to the new one.

If this can be spelled out perhaps I'll try to find the time to write a python script to do this automatically and submit a patch?

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  Version 0.10 (2001-10-28, Revision 1.134)


  * Bugfix for a UNIX time billenium bug (affecting RecentChanges
  sorting and page diffs)

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  From: Charles Medcoff
  Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 12:57:07 -0500

  I have MoinMoin 0.9 installed on Win2K with Python 2.1. When I selected the information action all the revisions of the page are displayed. When I select diff I expect to see a difference between the revision and the previous revision but all I ever see is "No differences found!". Perhaps this is a bug or I don't understand how this feature works. Could someone clarify?


  Ciao, Jürgen 
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