[Moin-user] Info - diffs

Juergen Hermann jh at web.de
Wed Nov 28 14:27:05 EST 2001

>I'm confused.  The 0.10 release is newer than the 0.90 release?  I 
>though that 9/10 was greater than 1/10.

Version numbers are no floats.

Since distutils support was added some time ago, an update is best done 
this way:

 1. make a backup!!!
 3. remove any old script dirs you have (the MoinMoin dir, of course 
NOT the data dir if you kept that within the "MoinMoin" folder); 
actually, it is enough to remove MoinMoin/__init__.py, which is safer
 2. unzip anywhere (/tmp, c:\temp)
 4. py setup.py install
 5. copy new images to your htdocs area
 6. possibly update intermap.txt

The above steps can differ depending on how exactly your system is set 
up (there are endless variations).

Ciao, Jürgen

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