[Moin-user] Info - diffs

Charles Medcoff cmedcoff at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 29 12:17:32 EST 2001

 1. make a backup!!!

< cem > did this </cem>

 3. remove any old script dirs you have (the MoinMoin dir, of course
NOT the data dir if you kept that within the "MoinMoin" folder);
actually, it is enough to remove MoinMoin/__init__.py, which is safer

<cem> I've not added any scripts myself (yet) so I assume that the first
part of this does not apply to me.

I need to remove (just) MoinMoin/__init__.py.  Can't just install overtop of
the old one?  This is confusing.

 2. unzip anywhere (/tmp, c:\temp)

<cem> did this </cem>

 4. py setup.py install

<cem> read up on the disutils included in python - should have done this a
long time ago </cem>

 5. copy new images to your htdocs area

<cem>New images?  Whose images?  Do you mean new images in the distribution
or images that I've added? </cem>

 6. possibly update intermap.txt

<cem> Not a public wiki at this point </cem>

I gather that I need to apply the patch show below after that for 0.10.

... patch this in your release version, add the following
code directly at the top of the test() function in cgimain.py:

    # set up request data
    from MoinMoin.request import Request
    global request
    request = Request()


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