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Are you cutting and pasting from Word into Internet explorer or some other
I cannot reproduce this on a Windows 2K NT cutting from Word and pasting
into the MoinMoin edit window in Explorer.


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I'm a quite new user and I have to say that MoinMoin is totally great!

But there is a problem. I use sometimes Word to write the text that I paste
into MoinMoin but some special characters gets "ugly". These are the ones I
have identified so far:
|character |converts to|I would rather have|
| long ?   | –   | -                 |
| '        | ’   | '                 |
|typograph"| “   | "                 |
|typograph"|”    | "                 |
|...       |…    | ...               |

Does anyone understand what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance!

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