[Moin-user] Linking using # (reference)

bragiba at simi.is bragiba at simi.is
Tue Oct 23 09:19:11 EDT 2001

In the code below I am making an acronym page which will link an acronym to
an AcronymIndex page and a reference on that page indicated by #.
After updating to the latest MoinMoin version my # get turned into a _23
which is not what I want.

Taking a look at the html source that MoinMoin generates you can see that
the _23 has been replaced for my #.
Do you have any clue how this happened?
<a class="nonexistent" href

Best Regards,


    def _macro_Acronym(self, acronym):
        """This macro makes a link out of an acronym"""

        first_letter = string.upper(acronym[0])
        return Page("AcronymIndex#%s" % first_letter).link_to(acronym)

    def _macro_AcronymIndex(self, args):
        """This macro opens the page acronyms.txt.  Extracts all the macros
and explanations and
           creates an index page similar to a title index"""
        index_letters = []
        s = ''
        page = open('c:/Inetpub/wwwroot/acronyms/acronyms.txt', 'r')
        lines = page.readlines()
        current_letter = None
        for line in lines:
            split = string.split(line, ';')
                acronym = string.strip(split[0])
                definition = string.strip(split[1])
            except IndexError:
            letter = acronym[0]
            if letter not in index_letters:
            if letter <> current_letter:
                s = s + '</table>\n<a name="%s"><h3>%s</h3></a>\n<table>' %
                    wikiutil.quoteWikiname(letter), string.replace(letter,
'~', 'Others'))
                current_letter = letter

            s = s + '\n<tr>\n    <td><b>%s</b></td><td>%s</td>\n</tr>\n' %
(acronym, definition)
        s = s + '</table>'
        return _make_index_key(index_letters, s)

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