[Moin-user] Changing the RecentChanges

Tim Bird tbird at lineo.com
Wed Oct 24 12:47:07 EDT 2001

Adam Shand wrote:
> On this note ... I've noticed that opening the RecentChanges page has been
> getting steadily slower the longer my wiki has been around.  My assumption
> had just been that the server was probably just getting busier as it's a
> fairly busy wiki (200-300 thousand hits a month) however i was talking to
> a friend who runs a similar wiki (SeattleWireless) and he's having the
> same problem now that he's upgraded to 0.9.
> I tried rolling the editlog earlier today and it doesn't seem to have made
> much of a difference.  Do you have any other suggestions on why this would
> be happing and what I could do?

We noted considerable slowdowns on RecentPages here when we
hit about 800 active pages, and about 4000 backups.  We did 
some profiling, and found that much of the processing could
be eliminated if we wanted to give up certain features. 

What we did was:
 - copy RecentChanges.py to FancyRecentChanges.py
 - made the changes (in the attached patch) to RecentChanges.py
 - made a link from RecentChanges (the wiki page) to FancyRecentChanges

Thus, if a user wants to see the extra features, they are just
a click (and a wait) away.

The things we found that caused slowdowns (that we were
willing to modify) were:
 - adding a bookmark for the last editor's wiki page
 - examining a whole month's backups (we cut this to 2 weeks)
 - highlighting the page if newer than the user's bookmark

I think we also removed a whole bunch of outdated backups.
These tend to accumulate without bound.

Hope this helps.

The patch is against release 0.8 (I think)
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