[Moin-user] HTML macro/parser extension?

Tim Bird tbird at lineo.com
Fri Sep 21 08:58:05 EDT 2001

Scott Evans wrote:
> Hi.  In the MoinMoinFaq page, there's a description of how to include
> raw HTML within a Wiki page, but it doesn't work on my system.
> I notice this caveat:
>   All of this only works if the HTML extensions (HTML macro and parser)
>   are installed.
> But I can't find anything about these extensions.  Can anyone explain?
> Thanks!

I think what you describe above is for the "#format html"
feature, which is useful if the entire page is HTML.

If you just want a snippet of HTML embedded in your page, you
can use the INCREDIBLY simple macro shown below.  Just cut
it out and put it in the file HTML.py your MoinMoin macro

----------------------------- snip --------------------------
    HTML macro

    by Christian Bird <chris.bird at lineo.com>
#DESCRIPTION: Outputs the html code contained within parens.

def execute(macro, args):
    return args or " "
------------------------------ snip ------------------------- 

Then you can do something like:

[[HTML(<font color="red">)]]this would be red[[HTML(</font>)]]

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