[Moin-user] 2 questions on schemes and linking

bragiba at simi.is bragiba at simi.is
Tue Sep 25 02:55:04 EDT 2001

A fix is in CVS.

Can I get some tips on how to use and get CVS working.  I have never used
it and am quite unsure on how to get it working so that I can keep my
source up to date..

Thank you,

Bragi x6308  (GSM 892 6308)

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On Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:54:06 +0000, bragiba at simi.is wrote:

>I was trying to insert links to images using InterWiki names such as
>[FundaMentals:Image1.gif  Link to Image 1]. This does not work and the
>images still appears in the actual document.
>Bracketeted links need a schema:
>[wiki:FundaMentals:Image1.gif ...

A fix is in CVS.

>return Page('AcronymIndex#%s' % first_letter_in_acronym).link_to(acronym)

Add a keyword parameter to link_to (anchor="spam").

>        page = open('c:/Inetpub/wwwroot/acronyms/acronyms.txt', 'r')

Please don't add static paths, so other ppl can use your macros if you
them. Best use "config.data_dir" (see the code that finds intermap.txt).

Ciao, Jürgen

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