[Moin-user] moin on !apache, users on lynx?

clemensF ino-e4da8ef4 at spotteswoode.dnsalias.org
Wed Apr 3 15:49:15 EST 2002

i'd like to know if somebody has moin set up on mathopd, boa, thttpd,
mhttpd, or the likes.  i'd be using it on a daily basis, meaning with lynx,
so i'd just make sure browsers find that churning htdocs/css/*.css and be
done with the GUI users.  my experience is that the directory layout as
distributed cannot immediately transformed to non-apache or non-typical
apache layouts.

the reason for not using apache is simply security.  heck, i even use
publicfile for static content so as not to get into any trouble.

the top points in the docs tell me to set data_dir and url_prefix, but even
with that conforming to the proper script aliases in mathopd i can just get
the FrontPage to display, but every local link looks eg. like this:


which results in a mess.  they would have to look like


which makes them display at least.  this was not fixed, as i had first
thought, by simply editing the frontpage once (to make the links adjust

if you could tell me the directory layout it is supposed to have, out-of-
the-box, so to speak, together with the customary script aliases on apache,
that would help.

thanks for listening,

clemens fischer

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