[Moin-user] URL's on moin pages, almost there :)

clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Sun Apr 7 06:00:02 EDT 2002

hi list people!

most of my problems setting up moin are no more.  they never really were
there, but i had to do some thorough testing to destill their output.  i
have a page with [[System]] (sp?) on it, and called manually from a remote
browser like http://.../moin.cgi?page=view or page=edit, i get the expected

current state of affairs:

the CGI interface is appropriate for running moin, it sets the environment
the way moin needs it:


i added another variable to make it clear which CGI has to be run:


i know this isn't really neccessary, but moin.cgi wants URLs the way cited
above, with a QUERY_STRING matching
'.*action=(edit&template=HelpTemplate|view|.*)'.  other URLs give a default
page, which is, of course, not what i want if their value is within the
range moin.cgi can make sense of.

unfortunately links on generated pages still look like
"http://s/moin/cgi-bin/CategoryLocal" but they must rather be
"http://s/moin/cgi-bin/moin.cgi?CategoryLocal&action=edit".  this must be
configurable somewhere, but i can't find the place.  cgi-bin/moin_config
might be the place to put local changes.  currently it includes explicit
defaults copied from Help.*[cC]onfig.* texts.

am i right that this is more or less minor a difficulty for someone who
solved this puzzle and further by reading what such a person has to say
about it i could be done with this and enjoy my breakfast?  hope so.

clemens fischer

"Be careful not to step in the Microsoft!"  -- John Denker

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