[Moin-user] setting variables depeding if a user is logged in.

clemensF ino-waiting at gmx.net
Tue Apr 9 06:27:15 EDT 2002

> David LeBlanc:

> I don't know about what might be in moin, but if you use apache's
> authentication, something gets set in the environment to denote that a user
> is logged in...

the easiest with most servers is "basic authentication".  unless you have
it automated somehow, the administrator has to include users in a file,
together with their passwords.  this would be independant of moin's
operation, in that only authenticated users could call up the cgi.

moin implements cookies as a native way to authenticate users, which works
more or less automatic without your intervention.  i didn't check closely,
but usually you get your cookie after setting preferences.  then the cgi
gets additional environment variables like:

HTTP_COOKIE = Wiki=rev&...

my proposal would be to seperate the wikidatabase where users have
authenticated access from the one containing only links to the other one. 
users not authenticated get normal "read-only" access without anything
special to the "ghost", and that ghost simply doesn't have preferences.

or somesuch.

clemens fischer

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