[Moin-user] setting variables depeding if a user is logged in.

Adam Shand adam at personaltelco.net
Wed Apr 10 16:04:58 EDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 02:28, Juergen Hermann wrote:
> It has to be 
> 	from MoinMoin import config
> 	config.sitename = ...
> you're setting a LOCAL variable in your code. And to check whether the 
> user is logged in, use "user.valid".

Okay, this is making me feel really stupid.  I know I'm a bad programmer
but I'm not normally *this* bad.  As soon as I add any of this stuff I
get an internal server error.

This is what I put in my moin_config.py (and many combinations of):

# security (deactivated by default)
if 1:
    allowed_actions = ['AttachFile']

    from MoinMoin.security import Permissions
    class SecurityPolicy(Permissions):
        edit = 1
        delete = 0

        def __init__(self, user):
            self.user = user
            self.edit = self.edit and user.valid

        from MoinMoin import config
        config.sitename = "test"

Then I decided that since there isn't a "config" beneath security.py and
it should go outside the "if 1:" stanza, but that didn't work either.

If someone could give me a codeblock to set variables based on whether a
user is actually logged in that would be great. 

If not I'll go home and bust out the python book and see if I can wrap
my head around how classes work. :)


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