[Moin-user] MoinMoin error on equal signs

Magnus Lyckå magnus at thinkware.se
Sat Apr 13 17:58:03 EDT 2002

At 02:27 2002-04-14 +0200, clemensF wrote:
> > The current release is 0.11, and you need it to use python 2.2.
>what is that supposed to mean?  does moin-0.11 run on python-2.0 as well,
>or does one have to use python-2.2 to be able to use moin-0.11?

I had a friend who was a theoretical physicist. He said things like:
"Students are stupid. They think implication implies mutual implication." :-)

It often took a little while to figure out what he mean, but it was usually
correct. I don't agree with his assesment of stupidity, is an easy mistake
to make. (Although I can appreciate the frustration in teaching when you want
to do your research). Read it again. You need moin 0.11 if you want to use
Python 2.2. It doesn't say anything beyond that.



P.S. Once, he introduced himself to a couple of girls he never met before as
"Hi, I'm Tony. I'm a theoretical physicist, but I know practical things as
well...integrals for instance." We never saw those girls again...

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