[Moin-user] Windows and Moin (yes, the moin packages load).

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 4 18:12:02 EST 2002

--- Thomas Waldmann <tw at waldmann-edv.de> wrote:
> >
> >
> >While Twiki has a few nicer features in the user registration area,
> >
> >MoinMoin has it beat in many ways.
> >
> Sounds interesting. In which ways?
> I don't know much of TWiki (usage of Perl made it unacceptably for
> me).
> greetings,
> Thomas

Oops, I should have mentioned what I like rather than the single
strength of TWiki. My situation may be unusual -- I am retired, trying
to write a web based archaeological application for computer
illiterates.  I would like to be on Linux, but haven't weaned myself
from Windows completely (but have avoided buying W/XP). I originally
wrote the application tutorial with TWiki and hoped to have my computer
illiterate audience provide feedback on bugs and design enhancements
using TWiki.  I gave up on TWiki because I feared my audience would
wander off into the mess of technical pages in the TWiki Main, TWiki,
and Test webs never to return.

Compared with TWiki, the MoinMoin strengths for me are:
 - written in Python, the only language I want to code in
 - runs on Windows and Linux (my web site is on Linux, I develop on
 - HelpOn...s are well organized, and easy to understand
 - has a spellcheck
 - ease of deleting the most technical native pages and getting down to
a page set suitable for my audience.
 - easy customization in moin_config.py
 - user customizations in UserPreferences 
 - emoticons are a fun feature
 - the conversion from TWiki was much easier than expected, I converted
all my pages with manual editing 

Nice job guys!

Roger Haase

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