[Moin-user] Windows and Moin (yes, the moin packages load).

Doug Ransom doug_ransom at telus.net
Wed Dec 4 19:01:09 EST 2002

I also thought twiki had a few nice features that could be useful in a
work environment, mainly uploading office documents etc (not that I am a
huge fan of MS office, but its pervasiveness is a reality)..

My decision to go with  MoinMoin was because it was not written in perl.
  What I know of Python is encouraging (the syntax is downright cool),
and if I am unfortunate enough to have to get into moin source I will be
fortunate in using a language designed for people instead of machines
(thats a value judgement on my part.  IMO
C/C#/Java/C+@/VB/Pascal/lisp/xml like languages with the opening and
closing tokens are made that way because context-free grammars are fun
to write parsers for.  SOX/Python/Haskell are easier on the eyes and
human comprehension).

Supposedly (having not looked any implementations) MoinMoin stores its
files the way you edit them, while Twiki stores them in some abstruse

Thomas Waldmann wrote:

 >> While Twiki has a few nicer features in the user registration area,
 >> MoinMoin has it beat in many ways.
 > Sounds interesting. In which ways?
 > I don't know much of TWiki (usage of Perl made it unacceptably for me).
 > greetings,
 > Thomas
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