[Moin-user] Link question

bragiba at simi.is bragiba at simi.is
Fri Dec 13 01:18:03 EST 2002

>   FrontPage :: This should link to the FrontPage.      ---> This will
never work
>   wiki:FrontPage :: Does this work?                    ---> This will
never work
>   [wiki:FrontPage Front Page] :: How about this?       ---> This will

If [wiki:FrontPage Front Page] does not work then edit your intermap.txt
file and add a new
entry say
MyWikiBase http://your.server.ip.address/MyWiki/

then use this
[wiki:MyWikiBase:FrontPage Front Page]

Adding things to intermap.txt to make link names much shorter is a good
thing when you have a
lot of links to the same directory.  For example an image directory

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Bragi Baldursson

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On Thursday 12 December 2002 18:37, you wrote:
> Is there a way to make the term in a term definition list a link?  I've
> and tried the following:
>   FrontPage :: This should link to the FrontPage.
>   wiki:FrontPage :: Does this work?
>   [wiki:FrontPage Front Page] :: How about this?
>   [http://localhost/moin.cgi/FrontPage Front Page] :: Works, but is a bit
> messy eh?

[wiki:Wiki:FrontPage PortlandPatternRepository] works too and the result
looks pretty

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