[Moin-user] Templates

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Dec 16 08:09:04 EST 2002

Hi Jeremy,

> So I was looking at moin, trying to get it to look the
> way I wanted it to, and I was suprised to find that
> it's not template based.

Not yet at least. I think there simply wasn't much need / demand yet.

Python is easy, you can simply modify the fragments in wikiutil.py. And 
most of the stuff is even overrideable via moin_config.py (see the docs 
and the default values of these settings in config.py).

There are some moins out there running with modified design, maybe ask 
them before doing much work.

> I'm currently using PHPWiki, and it was SO much easier
> to configure because it has themes.

Maybe this is one advantage of PHPWiki.

MoinMoin has many other advantages (see recent post here of sb else).

> Would y'all be interested in a patch that did this (if I could find the time)?

Juergen has already plans for templates.

Personally, I don't need them very much, I'm more interested in some 
functionality than in design.



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