[Moin-user] many files

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Tue Dec 17 15:40:06 EST 2002

Hi kent,

>I have hit the speed limit with about 1000 pages
>created automatically on a win 98 FAT fs.
>Will switch to a reiserfs or xfs solve this?
At linuxwiki.de we use Linux and ext3 file system and we have no 
problems. 1300 pages.

>How many pages does MoinMoin can handle?
As many as a real filesystem on a real OS can.

>I am considering breaking the pages into multiple
>wikis to help with the performance.
That is a weird "solution" to your problem. Why don't you solve the 
problem at its root?

If you must use windows, then at least choose NTFS instead of that 
braindead FAT filesystem that was designed for floppies 20 years ago.

But choosing Linux would be the best solution. reiserfs would be very 
space efficient with many small files, but maybe not as stable as ext3.



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