[Moin-user] MoinMoin as presentation tool

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The moinmoin logo is a gif picture named moinmoin.gif in your htdocs/img
directory.   You can do either of two things:
1. Replace moinmoin.gif with an image of your logo.
2. The logo_url is defined in your wiki instance moin_config.py file
logo_url = prefix + '/img/moinmoin.gif'
     Change moinmoin.gif to whatever my_logo.gif

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Are there any way to hide the MoinMoin Logo and Make
the text larger?

I want to make MoinMoin as a presentation tool which I
want to introduce it to a group of librarians.   The
reason is I want to give them some demo immediately
which using MoinMoin as a presentation tool will help
me shown them immediately how this can be done.

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