[Moin-user] install from CVS

Robert Groenewegen robert.groenewegen at tiscali.nl
Mon Dec 23 12:28:02 EST 2002

Dear all,

As happy as I am with MoinMoin, the new features as described in 
CHANGES.txt are very 'want-to-have/need-to-have'. I have installed Moin on 
my W2K/Apache machine with the (good!) installation docs. Unfortunaly I can 
not find any clue how to install from CVS (FYI the stuff is already on my 
machine because I know CVS). Does anyone knows of any documentation that 
can help me out?

Thanks, Robert

ps. Can I install the CVS version next to my current version or will I ran 
into trouble with my Python installation (site-packages)? 

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