[Moin-user] install from CVS

Juergen Hermann jh at web.de
Tue Dec 24 01:32:01 EST 2002

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 16:44:49 +0100, Robert Groenewegen wrote:

>not find any clue how to install from CVS (FYI the stuff is already on my 
>machine because I know CVS). Does anyone knows of any documentation that 
>can help me out?

See Bragi's msg. Basically, the procedure is exactly teh same as with a 
distributed moin, starting with calling setup.py (you just skip the 
untar/unzip part).

>ps. Can I install the CVS version next to my current version or will I ran 
>into trouble with my Python installation (site-packages)? 

Use --root or --home with your "setup.py install" and change the moin.cgi 
file accordingly (i.e. extend PYTHONPATH to point to the location where you 
installed the cvs version).

Merry xmas to all, Juergen

Ciao, Jürgen

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