[Moin-user] Preventing FunctionNames from becoming WikiWords?

Brian Dorsey brian at dorseys.org
Wed Jan 2 10:01:03 EST 2002

And to answer my own question for the archives:

the 6 single quotes are supposed to be used in between the words instead of surrounding the whole thing: This''''''Is''''''Not''''''A''''''Wiki''''''Word

Another way which works better for my current purposes is to mark the word as code: {{{ThisIsAFunctionName}}}

Apologies for wasting everyone's time. ;)

Take care,

On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 09:28:16AM -0800, Brian Dorsey wrote:
> Hello all!
> I've got a question about MoinMoin which seems simple, but I didn't find the answer in the help... 
> I'd like to escape certain words (function names, in this case) so that they're not considered WikiWords even though they look like them. I found one reference to using 6 single quotes on each side of the word, which seems to work in Ward's wiki, but doesn't seem to work in (at least my installation of) MoinMoin.
> Any hints?
> Thanks a bunch,
> -Brian
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