[Moin-user] Configuration for diff utility

Stefan Schwarzer Stefan.Schwarzer at tu-clausthal.de
Fri Jan 11 02:46:06 EST 2002

Hello to all, especially Jürgen :)

It would be nice to have a setting for the complete path of the diff
utility to use in the configuration. For example in moin_config.py:

diff_utility = '/path/to/diff/gdiff'

If this setting would not be there, it could default to 'diff' and
use that in the PATH.

Background of this sugesstion:

I finally managed to get diff'ing to work. I had some problems with

1. The test.cgi script issues a 'diff --version' and processes the
   standard output. However, the diff utility on Solaris 8 doesn't
   know this option and emits a message to standard error. Thus, the
   Solaris diff is not recognized whether or not it would actually
2. After finding this source of confusion, I tried to use the
   actually installed diff. However, I recovered (finally by the
   Apache bug database) that Apache's SetEnv is not able to change
   the PATH variable. (This is not MoinMoin's fault, of course, but
   it complicates matters.)

   So I added to moin.cgi (and test.cgi) as a workaround:

   import os
   os.environ['PATH'] = '...:/path/to/diff'   

3. I don't know why this still didn't work. Finally, I changed
   MoinMoin.wikiutil to use './diff ...' instead of simply 'diff ...'
   and now it works. :-)

Apart from this, I like MoinMoin very much. :-) Also, after struggling
with the Python 2.2 incompatibility of version 0.10 I was glad to find
the pointer to the CVS version on the mailing list. Thank you very


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