[Moin-user] Relative URLs

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at tu-clausthal.de
Fri Jan 11 07:04:03 EST 2002

Hello Bragi

thanks for the answer.

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 bragiba at simi.is wrote:
> Yes you can by using interwiki links.
> Open the intermap.txt file and add your interwiki link (Go to InterWiki in
> your wiki)

I didn't know that there was a text file to edit for this.

> In your case you would add a line something like:
> CvsDoc   http://samehost/docs/cvs/
> Then to create your link you do:
> [CvsDocs:cvs_1.html Cvs Intro]

For the archive: it seems that is has to be

in intermap.txt:
    CvsDoc   http://samehost/docs/cvs   (without trailing /)

in the web browser edit window:
    [wiki:CvsDocs/cvs_1.html Cvs Intro]

else I get the brackes literally.

Another question regarding links: It seems that

    [wiki:CvsDocs/cvs_1.html#SEC1 Cvs Intro]

doesn't work. In the HTML code, the # is substituted with %2523 . Is
there a way (or a bugfix) around this?


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