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Here is the way I have it setup using IIS on WIN2K:

1. cgi-bin:  c:\cgi-bin  Define the cgi-bin in IIS as a Virtual directory.
(Embedded image moved to file: pic19954.pcx)

2. Once you have copied the source code either through CVS or a tarball you
must still run setup python setup.py --quiet install --prefix=C:\moin
     In my case I installed MoinMoin in C:\work\moin\

3. I then create a virtual directory called wiki and point it to the htdocs
(Embedded image moved to file: pic18756.pcx)

4.   I then copy moin.cgi, moin_config.py and the entire data directory to
the cgi-bin

5. My configuration variables are set as follows:
     data_dir = './data/'
     url_prefix = '/wiki'
import sys

For further information read

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I'm confused on to install/setup for IIS based on the new directory
structure.  I've tried creating a new wiki from scratch rather than using
old data.  It seems like the intent is to set the virtual dir to point at
htdocs but then the cgi-bin dir is outside of the virtual dir.  That
make sense to me and it doesn't work either.  I've copied the index.html
file up one dir and changed the URI's in it to point to the cgi-bin dir and
it works then except none of the images show up.

By the way, the new edit preview, FileAttach and security features are
great!  Thanks Juergen!

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On Fri, 7 Dec 2001 15:36:07 +0000, bragiba at simi.is wrote:

>Given the new directory structure the IIS installation instructions are
>outdated.   I could update them if someone clears up a few questions I
>1. In my IIS setup I create a virtual directory pointing to  C.
>2. Then I set my homepage to be http://localhost/wiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi
>which works fine except that I need to change the url_prefix from
>    url_prefix = '/wiki'   to url_prefix = '/wiki/htdocs'
>   as my virtual directory does not points to the base wiki directory
>contains the following directories:
> (Embedded image moved to file: pic17410.pcx)
> 3. According to Juergens instructions I assume he is using Apache he is
setting his base directory as
> wiki/htdocs
>     How does he then get to wiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi to run the MoinMoin
> I am still a little confused as to what is the correct setup.

Consider that installing can overwrite both your (maybe changed) moin.cgi
moin_config.py, so it's a good idea to copy them anyway. Alas, copy them to
your server's cgi-bin. Also copy the .../wiki/data dir, don't use the
one directly.

Given that, it's no problem to point your /wiki virtual url to the
.../wiki/htdocs dir (and that is the intended use).

Finally, you should strongly consider to use "python setup.py install" and
point your IIS to the _INSTALLED_ files & package.

Ciao, Jürgen

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