[Moin-user] Just plain confused at this point...

Jack Straw jackstraw986 at msn.com
Sun Jan 27 14:43:04 EST 2002

>0.10 does not work with 2.2 anyway, so get 0.11-beta1.

Wow.  That was a prompt reply.  I downloaded 0.11-beta1 and made 
considerably more progress.  moin.cgi works via command line, however the 
Apache environment seems to be a bit off.  moin.cgi dies with a 500 internal 
server error, and the following is in the Apache error logs:

[Sun Jan 27 17:20:28 2002] [error] [client] Premature end of 
script headers: /home/marc/www/wiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi
env: python: No such file or directory

I'm attempting to install this without root priveleges, so everything is in 
my home directory:


And here are the results of test.cgi.

marc => ./test.cgi
Content-Type: text/plain

MoinMoin CGI Diagnosis

Package "MoinMoin" sucessfully imported.

Release  0.11
Revision 1.148

Checking directories...
    data directory tests OK (set to '/home/marc/www/wiki/data')
    text directory tests OK (set to '/home/marc/www/wiki/data/text')
*** user directory NOT FOUND (set to '/home/marc/www/wiki/data/user')
*** backup directory NOT FOUND (set to '/home/marc/www/wiki/data/backup')

*** The edit log '/home/marc/www/wiki/data/editlog' is not writable!
Found an external diff: "diff - GNU diffutils version 2.7"

Server Environment:
    TERM = 'xterm'
    SHELL = '/usr/local/bin/bash'
    SHLVL = '1'
    HOSTNAME = 'vyrus.net'
    HOSTTYPE = 'i386'
    SSH_TTY = '/dev/ttyp3'
    PATH = 
    PWD = '/home/marc/www/wiki/cgi-bin'
    LOGNAME = 'marc'
    USER = 'marc'
    ENV = '/home/marc/.shrc'
    HOME = '/home/marc'
    OSTYPE = 'freebsd4.2'
    MAIL = '/var/mail/marc'
    MACHTYPE = 'i386--freebsd4.2'
    PAGER = 'more'
    OLDPWD = '/home/marc/www/wiki'
    _ = './test.cgi'
    EDITOR = 'vi'

Admittedly, there is some cleaning up I need to do.  I'd appreciate 
assistance in correcting my web environment if at all possible, though.  I'm 
close, but the variations in syntax of sys.path.append that I've attempted 
have all failed.

Another push in the right direction would once again be greatly appreciated. 
  Hopefully this will be the end of it ;-)


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